As a young professional BNI has been amazing in boosting me into the business world. The education, training and personal development has meant I am very comfortable meeting new people as the fear of public is a thing of the past. JOE KELLEY TipTop'n'Tidy Waste Services
I would highly recommend BNI to young professionals looking to increase their business through referral. Structure and continued development have accounted for over 33% of new business in a market that is statistically generally generated through cold calling. SUE KENNEDY All Things Writing
Not only does BNI help my business to grow, the collaborative giving, collective sharing and relationships established by membership in a BNI Chapter give my business the edge. LOUISE JAMIESON Taste of the Country Cafe
BNI culture has imbedded itself in my life and given me a different perspective on not just growing my business but my own personal development. SUSAN JOHNSON SJ Growth Solutions
As a business coach who travels the world, BNI provides so much to a business owner both in quality relationships and great business. Over the last few years my business has increased threefold with 70% of that coming from BNI. JONATHAN BRAKE State Your Business
13 years as a member, it is fundamental to our business plan and adds a great deal of money to our overall turnover. Larry Russen Russen & Turner Surveyors
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