BNI has been instrumental in supporting our business growth strategy and becoming a national company. It has allowed us to fast track our expansion interstate by leveraging the power of BNI's networks. SIMONE DOUGLAS Social Media AOK
BNI gave me access to everything I needed to build a mini empire. I learn from my BNI community and continue to grow because of it, creating more local jobs and strengthening our local economy. ROBYN KOLDEJ The Online Director
Half the business I receive consistently comes through BNI. The valuable business relationships I’ve built are paying off handsomely, as BNI continues to be the ‘eyes & ears’ of my marketing strategy. SAMUEL DINGLE Wealth Artistry
BNI is the only network that my business relies upon for genuine referrals and growth, with more than half of our annual income generated from BNI. It’s an essential relationship building tool. HAYLEY HORTON Footlight
BNI is a great way to connect with like-minded business professionals from a wide range of industries and trades who want to grow their business through word-of-mouth. MARISSA HANKINSON Master Builders Association
For a business like ours that relies on qualified referrals, BNI is amazing. We’ve got a team of ‘salespeople’ on the road, actively listening for opportunities and genuinely wanting to help us. TAMARA SERNECKI DBG Technologies
I’ve doubled my income each year of my membership and this financial year to date I’ve received 87% of my income from BNI referrals. BNI is a fantastic referral system for people with commitment. BETTE BRADTKE Bradtke Consulting
BNI is much more than a meeting, it’s an atmosphere where like-minded people work together as a team to make everyone grow and rise to greatness. I recommend BNI to anyone that wants to be successful. MICHAEL NEDIC Pinnacle Networks
Over 16 years ago I attended my first BNI meeting and was excited about the concept. 16 years later I am even more excited as the business benefits and learning opportunities keep coming. JAN ASHTON ROSS The Hills Natural Health Consultancy
BNI has been pivotal in the growth of Designtp. It’s given us the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded businesses, resulting in happy customers. TRISH POLLOCK Designtp brand communications
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